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PLEASE NOTE: The feeding calculator results are to be used as a guide only. Please be aware that no two pets are the same. If your pet isn't very active - feed the minimum required and reassess after 2 weeks. Reduce/increase portion size, if necessary. The same if your pet leads a very active lifestyle - feed the higher amount indicated and reassess after 2 weeks. Regularly check portion sizes to avoid under/over-feeding, and unnecessary weight gain/loss.

If you'd prefer to calculate yourself.......

Step 1: Weigh your pet in kg's.

Step 2: Use the age v weight chart to find the correct percentage to feed per day.

Step 3: Enter weight into calculator, then multiply by the correct percentage. For example, if your dog weighs 10kg and is 8 months old, you would enter the following into the calculator:


Step 4: If you aren't too great with decimals, multiply (times) your answer by 1000 and this will give you how many grammes (g's) to feed per day.

Step 5: To calculate how much of the daily feed should be meat, bone and organ:

Enter daily feed amount into calculator and multiply by 80% for meat portion. Then re-enter daily feed amount and mulitply by 10% for bone and organ portions.


Age v Weight Feeding Percentages

(can be used for dogs, puppies, cats and kittens)

1 - 4 months / 8-10%

4 - 6 months / 6 - 8%

6 - 8 months / 4 - 6%

8 - 12 months / 3 - 4%

12 - 15 months / 3%

15 month onwards - 2 - 2.5%

Puppies SHOULD NOT BE FAT and do not need "bulking out" just because they are a large or muscular breed. Overfeeding a puppy due to current "trends" can and will result in over-loading their juvenile frame, as well as put uneccessary stress on their joint and organs and therefore increase the risk of further health implications in later life. Overfeeding puppies can and does cause diarrhea.

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