Furry Feasts Meaty & Chunky (1kg)

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Minced beef, lamb and pork

Pack Size: 1kg

Packaging: Vacuum sealed pack

75% meat, 15% bone, 10% beef/lamb offal

Typical analysis: Protein 19.9% / Moisture 67.2% / Ash 2% / Fat 10% / Fibre 0.9%

Extra help: Add to boneless chunks/mince to create a balanced raw meal. Mixing with approximately 200g boneless mince or chunks will achieve approx 82.5% meat / 7% offal / 10.5% bone

All raw products we sell, unless specified are classified FOR WORKING DOGS / COMPLIMENTARY FEED / WORKING DOG FOOD. If you require clarification on this, please contact us at hello@rawpetsupplies.co.uk

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