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Whether you intend to feed complete raw products, or give DIY raw a try - if you're not sure where to start, or what to buy.......we recommend any single product in this category to get started.

Each individual product in this category can be fed from DAY 1 of raw feeding. If ordering from this category for the first time, choose only ONE or TWO products to feed for the entire first week. Our suggested starter products, which will suit the majority, are:

  1. Minced rabbit
  2. Lamb tripe OR beef tripe
  3. Boneless chicken or turkey
  4. Chicken, duck or turkey - max. 10% bone

Each individual product in this category has been hand-picked by experienced raw feeders, and should make the start of your raw feeding journey run as smoothly as possible. For a smooth transition, you must avoid rushing into feeding too much variety.

As with any eating plan, or change in diet - our suggestions will not suit 100% of pets. If you're pet has specific allergies (diagnosed), or dietary requirements, feel free to contact us for more information/advice on starter options to suit your individual needs.

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