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Raw Pet Supplies are choosing to support Lost Souls Sanctuary because we feel their rescue work is one of the most difficult. Do you ever wonder what happens to the dogs that are unsuitable for rehoming? Those with a bite history, behavioural problems, trauma, chronic medical conditions? Those that aren't pts may end up in kennels for the remainder of their days..............but the "lucky" ones find a place at Lost Souls Sanctuary <3

You can donate easily by adding your donation to your raw food shopping! Or you can donate directly via Paypal to or by bank transfer using the bank details in the image shown above!

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Lost Souls Sanctuary was established in 2007. It is currently home to just over 150 dogs that, for various reasons, could never be rehomed to the public. Some have been through the run of a rescue centre, bounced back into kennels multiple times before being deemed ‘unsuitable for rehoming’. Some have a bite history - again meaning they can’t be rehomed to the public, and some have just been so traumatised by events in their life that they can’t cope with life outside of the sanctuary. For whatever reason, each dog would have faced euthanasia had it not have been for the offer of a sanctuary space at Lost Souls. Each dog will live with Anne, in purpose built accommodation and live out their lives with free running access to over 9 acres of secure grounds. Each dog is settled in, assessed, and then carefully introduced to a pack that Anne feels he/she will fit into, based on personality and temperament. Each dog has its own individual sleeping area but socialise within their group each day. Although the sanctuary is now full, and Anne has closed the doors, every dog here will still need the devoted care, attention, vet visits, medication, quality food and so on for the rest of their lives here at the sanctuary....the bills still go on and the mouths still need feeding, so any help financially is an enormous help right now.
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