RPS MEGA Munch XL Chomp Pack! 100% Meat!!

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100% Meaty MEGA Munch Bundle

Pack Size: Up to 100cm long!

Packaging: Sealed package

The Ultimate Mega Munch XL Pack for the most demanding of chewers! Contains a variety of dehydrated meaty treats. Extra long, and simply MEGA!

We include a minimum of 10 pieces, all carefully selected to last longer than your average treat. These packs truly are AMAZING!

No additives, no preservatives, no cereals. Just 100% natural goodness!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the length of the XL Mega Munch Pack, we are unable to include them with a frozen deliveries by courier because our insulated boxes just aren't LONG enough! A separate order will need to be placed.

The XL Mega Munch Pack can be included for delivery on our freezer van routes, or for collection in store :)

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