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All About 80/10/10

You will see lots of references to "80/10/10" when researching a raw food diet for your pet. In simple terms, it is the approximate ratio's or percentage of meat, bone and organ you are aiming to feed. The ratio's are based on the approximate composition of any animal your pet might instinctively hunt and kill as a food source (if they were in the wild). This is what we are trying to replicate by feeding a raw diet - albeit far more civilised than hunting, killing and gorging :)

To help you further, below are some examples of each category:

boneless beef chunks.jpg

The 80%

What would be meat/muscle?

  • Heart (no more than 20% of overall diet)

  • Tongue

  • Breast / Fillet

  • Cheek

  • Trim / Offcuts

  • Lung

  • Trachea

  • Gizzards

  • Green Tripe

kidney chunks.jpg

The 10%

What would be secreting organ?

  • Liver (5% of overall diet should be liver)

  • Kidney

  • Spleen

  • Brain

  • Testicles

  • Pancreas

duck necks_edited.jpg

The other 10%

What would be bone?

  • Wings (Duck, Chicken, Turkey)

  • Ribs

  • Necks

  • Carcass

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