In Store Pick Up FAQ's

!! Please make yourself familiar with the social distancing measures we have in place for collections !!

When can I collect my order?

When your order is placed, you are given the option to choose the next available collection date and time. MOST POPULAR COLLECTION TIMES ARE BETWEEN 11AM AND 12PM. To avoid having to queue for your collection, we advise choosing a later time. Collections are 12pm-3pm Tuesday to Friday and 11am to 3pm on Saturdays. There are no collections on Sundays or Mondays.

Where do I collect from?

The collection point is at:

Unit 18, Wentloog Buildings, Wentloog Road, Cardiff, CF3 1YA

What should I do when I arrive?

If you arrive and there is a queue. Please take a ticket and WAIT IN YOUR VEHICLE until your number is displayed. If there is no customer in the collection zone, please step into the shop and wait for assistance.

Why do I have to queue if I booked a collection time?

At this time, we are unable to control how many customers book the same collection date and time. This is why have installed the ticket queuing system. The ticket queuing system allows us to manage social distancing - for your safety, and ours.

I just want to buy a couple of things, why can't you serve me, it won't take long?

We cannot serve you for a number of reasons, let me simplify:

  • we are in the midst of a global pandemic - social distancing/self-isolation is paramount as the peak approaches

  • we are taking the threat of the COVID-19 virus very seriously and many of our customers want, and need to do the same. If you are not - please shop elsewhere

  • serving "a few things" is not worth the health and wellbeing of our staff, or the loved ones we go home to

  • we are not here to be abused or shouted at for keeping ourselves, and our family members safe

  • we are all having to do some things differently - ordering/buying your raw food in a different way is no hardship if the alternative is us having to close altogether

  • 99% of our customers seem to be on board with the distancing measures we have in place, however, a small minority seem to find it a bit inconvenient. There are no words for this level of ignorance and stupidity, so I'll just let that sink in.

The orderline is always busy, or doesn't answer?

The orderline is in operation Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm - yes, it is very busy. After each call, we need to begin the processing of that order and may not be able to answer the next call right away. If you drop us a text for a call back, we will do so as soon as we're available. We may make call backs at the weekend, in order to catch up. If you're unable to get through, please text your requirements so we can make a start on your order. You can then be contacted with a collection time and to make payment. ORDERING BY PHONE DOES NOT GET A COLLECTION ANY SOONER THAN IF ORDERING ONLINE. The orderline has been set up for those unable to order online, and is not a general enquiry line.

Why can't I collect the same day?

The main reason is because we are now having to service more than 1000 customers per month by telephone/text and internet that used to visit our shop. Telephone/text orders are the most time consuming. At any given time, we generally have around 100 orders still pending, and the only fair way to process orders, is in the order they are received.


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