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Reggie's 80/10/10 Bundle (10 x 500g)

This bundle will feed a 20kg adult for up to 12 days!
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Product Details
Bone Content: 10%
Proteins Included: Varies

Suitable for (can be suitable for some ferrets but may contain tripe):

  • ORDER UP UNTIL 12 NOON FOR NEXT DAY DELIVERY (Monday - Thursday, T&C's apply).
  • Bundles will include a MIX of REGGIE'S 80/10/10 meals currently available: For example: Chicken 80/10/10, Chicken & Beef 80/10/10, Chicken & Lamb 80/10/10, Chicken & Oily Fish 80/10/10, Turkey 80/10/10, Chicken & Salmon 80/10/10, plus any limited edition dinners currently available.
  • Contents cannot be swapped, changed, or adjusted. Available for collection or delivery. A minimum of FOUR varieties will be included in each set of 10 packs. Boxes are pre-packed and exact contents cannot be changed or adjusted. You are buying a RANDOM SELECTION.

If you would prefer to choose your exact requirements, please add individual products to your basket.

Packaging: Chubb, clipped both ends

All products within this bundle are 80/10/10 raw meals, made up of approximately 80% meat, 10% bone and 10% offal.

Remember: #varietyiskey

Extra help : Balanced raw meals take the guesswork out of raw feeding. A variety of at least 4-5 different proteins is important. No single raw product represents a balanced raw diet. Unless specified, ALL RAW PRODUCTS WE SELL are classified FOR WORKING DOGS / COMPLIMENTARY FEED / WORKING DOG FOOD.

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