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Yunnan Baiyao Capsules (16 x 250mg)

Do you have a pet with Hemangiosarcoma? PLEASE READ ON!
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This product is NOT specifically for animals and is commonly used by humans.

Please research this product before buying.

Yunnan Baiyao is a Chinese Medicinal Food Supplement, and is quite commonly recommended by vets around the world to help stop/prevent internal bleeding.

If you have a pet diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma, we recommend you join the amazing Facebook Group called Hemangiosarcoma Diet & Supplement Protocols for dogs - A Holistic Approach, where you will find hugely helpful people with so much experience of this aggressive and very COMMON type of cancer.

Eliminating blood stasis and haemostatic, promoting blood flow and analgesic, detoxifying and promoting subsidence of swelling. It is used for treatment of traumatic injury, stagnated blood swelling and pain, spitting blood, haemoptysis, haemotochezia, hemorrhoidal bleeding, metrorrhagia and metrostaxia, suppurative and pyogenic infections and soft tissue bruise, closed fracture, brochiectasis and hemoptysis of pulmonary tuberculosis, ulcerative bleeding and infective diseases on skin.

Administration and Dosage:


Yunnan Baiyao Capsules should be used only after consultation and in cooperation with your dog’s veterinarian.

General guidelines:

For dogs under 5kg, give 1 capsule by mouth one time a day.

For dogs from 5kg to 15kg, give 1 capsule by mouth two times a day.

For dogs above 15kg but less than 30kg, give 2 capsules two times a day.

For dogs above 30kg, give 2 capsules three times a day.

For cats refer to instructions above based on weight.

Best to give on alternating days, or for a 5-day on, 5-day off cycle that repeats.


For wounds by knife, gunshot or traumatic injury, menorrhagia, metrorrhagia, take with warm water.

For wounds with stagnated blood, swelling and pain, disease of gynecopathy, take with wine.

For initial stage of venomous sore, administer a dosage of 0.25g and apply on infectious area with a portion of Yunnan Baiyao Powder mixed with wine. Do not apply Yunnan Baiyao Powder on suppurative sore.

For slight injury and other internal haemorrhage symptoms, administer Yunnan Baiyao Capsule orally.

Oral Administration Dosage

1-2 capsules, 4 times daily. (for 2-5 years old children take 1/4 of dosage; 6-12 years old take 1/2 of dosage)

Take insurance pill (the red pill) for severe traumatic injury.

Adverse reaction:

Very occasionally reported are hypersensitive rash, tightness in the chest, palpitation, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, general intense itching, and urticaria in the trunk and limbs.

Contraindication: It is contraindicated in pregnant women, also in allergic diathesis.


1. Avoid broad bean, fish, and sour, cold food within one day after administration.

2. Be sure to clean the wound surface before external use.

3. Be sure to use the drug under the doctor’s supervision and control when high dosage is needed clinically.

4. If hypersensitive reaction occurs after administration, quit at once and give anti-hypersensitive therapy depending on the severity of symptoms and in the case of external use, first clear away the drug.

5. Use it with caution if you are athlete.

6. Note: The insurance (emergency) pill is placed in the middle of blister pack.

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