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Who Are We?



Director / "The One To Blame For All This..."

In my life before Raw Pet Supplies, I had a comfy part-time accounting job. I sat at a desk most of the day crunching numbers. After work, I had the energy to cook for my family, clean my home, then walk and feed my dogs.
Since Raw Pet Supplies, I work an average of 60 hours per week, have plenty of grey hair, hands like sandpaper, sore feet, aching muscles, zero time to dye the grey hair, zero social life and zero energy to cook, clean or walk my dogs. All humour aside, I do still love growing Raw Pet Supplies – it is a true labour of love.
I am still very much involved in most of the every day tasks but may often be seen staring blankly at a screen when I have brain overload. I manage all web content, web stock, new products, IT systems, Facebook, Twitter, stock ordering, bill payments, banking, payroll, delivery areas, customer feedback, complaints……….the list is pretty long!
I am owned and loved by German Shepherds: Bailey; Max: Halo; Dexter (RIP); Rudy (RIP). Ruby (RIP).


Welcome Dog Box.png

Order Picker

Matt joined RPS in February 2020 to manage the order picking with Sam returning to Uni.

Matt has his own website selling body jewellery online, and enjoys spending time with his partner Emily, and son Jack.
Matt is owned and loved by a SBT called Reggie; and Bubba (RIP)



Claire's Mum / Major Help & Support

My Mum was the first to offer to help when RPS began to take off back in 2014. I was still working part-time and found it hard to choose between my reliable income and my fledgling business venture that wasn’t quite making enough to pay a salary.
Without my mum, the RPS shop would have only opened 2-3 days a week!

My mum still helps out in the shop, but now mainly helps me stay on top of the mountains of paperwork!
Veronica is owned and loved by 1 German Shepherd: Frank.



mark portrait.jpg

Claire's brother from another mother / Warehouse & Stock Management

At the start of 2016, I remember almost begging Mark to come help at RPS before the physical aspects of the business killed me! Mark took his time to think about it, but eventually said yes towards the end of 2016.
Mark has massively lightened the physical burden for the whole RPS team. Mark manages the receiving and checking of stock deliveries, keeps on top of building maintenance, health & safety and does his fair share of picking and packing of orders at busy times. Mark also likes to make sure the freezer tops are gleaming at the start of each trading day.
Mark is owned and loved by 1 JRT. Holly.



Crazy Ferret Lady / Packer / Sales Advisor

Noush has lots of ferrets! She enjoys responsibly breeding and showing her huge collection! Noush joined the RPS Team in Jan 2017 and has fit in like a long lost relative! It can’t always be easy working amongst a family unit but she does a great job. Noush is involved in the picking/packing of the majority of orders for delivery and can also be found helping and advising in the RPS Superstore.
Noush is owned and loved by around 30 (yes – 30!) ferrets, and and EBT called Mitty.

Mark Y

Welcome Dog Box.png

Rock Drummer / Cheerful Delivery Driver

Mark joined RPS in Feb 2017. Mark has settled in well and has proved to be reliable, resourceful and efficient. Mark previously served many years in the armed forces and prefers to remain off social media and the internet. Mark will be the one to find the best safe place to leave your delivery and then forward a text message so you know he’s been.



Order picker

Sam joined the RPS team in January 2018. Since returning to Uni, Sam works less hours but still proves to be one to muck in with unloading deliveries and anything else that needs doing.
Sam is owned and loved by a French Bulldog called Beetlejuice.


shemei portrait.jpg

Sales Assistant / Picker / Packer / Administrator

Shemei joined the RPS team in January 2018 and spends most of her time packing orders for delivery. Shemei is a fabulous mum to two babies without fur - Winter & Navy :)

In her spare time, Shemei also makes the most amazingly beautiful cakes that also taste great! You can find her work on Facebook SHEMEIMAKESCAKES !



Claire's Daughter / Girl Friday

Jasmine can be found helping at RPS after college, at weekends and the holidays. As with most of the team, Jasmine mucks in with whatever needs to be done.



Claire's Daughter / Girl Friday

Lailah can be found helping wherever needed at RPS when she is home from university.



Claire's Partner / Tiler / Chef / Housekeeper

Dean helps out at RPS when we are exceptionally busy. He is still tiling full-time, and also manages to take the pressure off me by keeping up with the household chores I no longer have the energy or time for!

Joy & Pad

Joy & Pad.jpg

Simply Perfect & So Special In Every Way

Joy & Pad....who are they!?

There is no greater gift than to know you are loved unconditionally. For a child to know they are loved is empowerment.

Joy & Pad are the perfect grandparents of Claire. Mum & Dad to Veronica, Cath and Mark. Great-grandparents to Lailah and Jasmine.

Words cannot express how much these two beautiful people loved and taught us all. Without their influence, our family would not be what is it today. To not mention them here is unthinkable.

We will love and miss them both until we are reunited. xxx

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