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Why choose us?

Because Raw Pet Supplies was created by, and is still managed by a very passionate raw feeder!!

The drive behind the success has never been to sell the most raw pet food, or become the largest raw pet food retailer. The success has come organically through the desire to please like-minded pet owners! The drive is to serve raw feeders as they deserve!

We promise:

  • to be reliable and honest

  • to help you get started and give you the confidence and encouragement to successfully raw feed independently

  • to maintain stock levels. Place an order online and 95% of the time, you will receive your chosen products

  • to keep you updated from when you place your order, right up to delivery/collection

  • to correct OUR mistakes as soon as possible

  • to ship your order on time (*terms and conditions apply)

  • to deliver your order on our freezer van when we say (*terms and conditions apply)

  • to always have alternative stock to choose from in the event your preferred brand is out of stock

  • to bring you quality raw brands, at affordable prices

  • to always listen to your feedback – positive and negative

  • to continually improve wherever we can

In such a rapidly growing industry, and so many new raw retailers, it's still difficult to find reliable raw suppliers…..

“It’s just not cheap enough, if it fails to arrive…………”

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