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Raw Feeding Dogs & Puppies

Begin your raw feeding journey by following our step-by-step guide!

We've tried to provide everything you need to get started.......except the pet ;)
Raw feeding is a lifestyle choice for both you and your dog or puppy. The journey is smooth for many but can be a little bumpy for some. Don't give up, the benefits are more than worth it....!


Step 1


How much of this and how much of that for MY dog/puppy?

Our easy to use raw feeding calculator will give correct daily portions and ratios of raw to feed your dog/puppy, according to their age, weight and body condition.

Our other calculator will also give an estimate of raw feeding costs. The cost estimator is for feeding 80/10/10 products – you can successfully raw feed for less than the estimate and also spend a lot more - if you wish!

Step 2

What should I feed?

Start with only one or two proteins that are easy to digest. We do not recommend mixing raw food with dry foods. We advise a "cold turkey" switch, feeding only raw food from Day 1. Leave introducing the 10% secreting organ until weeks three or four. For the easiest transition - try one of our starter packs, which include step-by-step instructions!

We recommend you choose from ONE of the following for the first 7 days if new to raw feeding:

  • Minced Chicken & Tripe (max 10% bone)

  • Minced Tripe (lamb tripe or beef tripe)

  • Minced Rabbit

  • Boneless Chicken (minced or chunks)

  • Minced Chicken (max 10% bone)

  • Minced Tripe & Turkey (max 10% bone)

After the first week, if you are happy things are going smoothly, and stools are solid but not dry or crumbly, introduce a new protein every other day or so. Don't forget the 10% secreting organ from Week 3! Introduce the organ slowly - start with as little as 2% of overall diet and build up to the full 10% over a period of at least 1-2 weeks.

Step 3

How do I order?

Finding products is so easy! Each category and section can be further sorted by price. Each product description shows bone content and protein content clearly.

We even have a category just for new starters. This category contains safe products to feed from Day 1.

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