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MVM Minced Pork Dinner (454g)

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Product Details
Bone Content: 10%
Proteins Included: Pork
Free From Chicken: Yes
Free From All Poultry (Chicken, Duck & Turkey): Yes
Free From Offal (liver, kidney, spleen, brain, pancreas, testicles): No
Price per kg: 4.40

Suitable for:

Product Description

Minced pork, including bone and organs

Pack Size: 454g

Packaging: Tubular, clipped both ends

A balanced raw meal. Single protein.

Composition: Pork meat, pork bone and pork organs

Approx 80% meat, 10% bone and 10% organs.

Typical analysis: Moisture - 64.6% / Protein - 19.6% / Fat - 13.4% / Fibre - 0.1% / Ash - 2.8%

Extra help: Balanced raw meals take the guesswork out of raw feeding. A variety of at least 4-5 different proteins is important. No single raw product represents a balanced raw diet. Variety is key

All raw products we sell, unless specified are classified FOR WORKING DOGS / COMPLIMENTARY FEED / WORKING DOG FOOD. If you require clarification on this, please contact us at

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